Our Mission

Living with cancer isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s the everyday cancer problems, like paying the bills that are daunting to someone living with cancer. Studies have shown one of the major contributors to cancer growth is stress.


Improving the quality of life not just delaying death. Increase health not just delay death. Seize the day live life.

  • It’s time to change how we look at people with cancer I Choose To Live is about living everyday to fullest and our iconic shirt symbolize just that.

  • We all need to be listeners, collaborators, and practical problem solvers improving the everyday lives of anyone dealing with cancer.

  • We are finding new solutions to old problems right now so we can fix them for good.

  • We are dedicated to disruptive, energetic and breakthrough ideas designed to ensure that each and every cancer patient doesn’t just survive, they Live.

  • Every human being has an impact on another, thats why you treat a disease you win you lose.

  • You treat a person and I guarantee you win no matter the outcome hence  "I CHOOSE TO LIVE"